Testimonials of Leung's Auto satisfied customers

The owner Alan is one of the best mechanics I know. His common sense attitude of if it doesn't need to be fixed, he won't fix it. If it needs to be fixed, he'll let you know and let you have the final say. There's a lot of mechanics closer to me, but he's worth going to. If you got a quote from a mechanic, it will be worth your time to get a second quote from Leung's auto. Peterson Dy

Honest and fair mechanic who doesn't rip you off and knows what he's doing best in Edmonton - Mike, Oct 25,2019

Allen is fast and reasonably priced.- Andre, October 18,2019

Good service. They were always busy so I'm sure they have a lot of regular customers and the spread of mouth of good service makes them popular. The owner Leung is always there and hands on with his business. - RainFuzzy, Sept 27,2019

Took my BMW here last week to figure out what was wrong with it. They did a GREAT job at a reasonable cost, which is saying a lot for it being a BMW. Thanks for your great work! - Gary, Sept 3, 2019

I have been going to Allan since I moved to Edmonton 4 years ago. He is super helpful, friendly, and kind. His prices are always fair and you can always count on him to fix only what is needed. He now services my friends and family's vehicles from luxury BMW to Japanese and domestic! - M MacIntosh, Aug 2019

Not scammers, I can assure you. My father and I have been going to Leungs Auto for over 7 years. He has always been very good at fixing a problem. We have never once felt that he has over charged for a service. We have referred many people to his business, and they have all been happy with with his service.  They do good work and do not over charge. That's all you can really hope for in a mechanic. - Matthew Y

Great work, very good prices. I've been taking my vehicles there for 7 years after testing out 4 different mechanics in Edmonton. Always pleased coming out of here! - Sean R

I started going to Leung's when I purchased a 10 year old Mazda off of kijiji. I could no longer go to my usual mechanic since they only did Toyota's. I was a bit worried about owning an older car but the previous owner of the Mazda recommended me to Leung's auto. This is how he described Leung's "I'm always surprised by how LOW the price is on the bill. I actually get excited when my car needs work since it's so easy to bring it in and get stuff done!"
I read the reviews on google and was tentative, starting with only small work like oil changes and as I consistently got good quality service for very cheap, upped the ante to things like timing belts. The last time I was in I had my girlfriends timing belt changed. As I was paying (which of course was about 40% cheaper than the dealership quote, oh and not to mention, threw in a serpentine belt change and a rad flush for next to nothing) Alen asked me how my Mazda was. I said "Good, but my front headlight is out". He grabbed the keys from me, and took the car into the back. 10 minutes later the car was back in front, both headlights shining! I asked him "how much?" he says "Oh don't worry about it". INSANITY! This place is the exact opposite of most places I've been to, and that's exactly why I love it!
- Jason W, March 10,2016

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